The final poured watercolor painting

This is a continuation of my last blog post. I have worked on the poured painting a bit more. I've basically darkened some areas and added more details to the trees on the left side. They seemed unfinished to me. Overall I think I may have overdone it and somehow liked the original better, but what's new anyways LOL!

What have I learned for next time?

  • To use a non-granulating blue for pouring unless I really do want granulation. Maybe Cinerous Blue from the beginning or a phthalo.
  • To not fiddle with it so much and let the result of the pour just be for a few days without touching it! Ha!
  • To use thicker masking fluid for ease of removal.
  • To make a very careful drawing that is dark enough in areas that will get dark.
  • To prepare to get really messy and do it outside on the porch.

Overall, I really liked the process although it requires a lot of patience. What I'll do next time is to work on it over a few days together with another painting so I don't get burned out by it. I really liked the youtube tutorial by "Leslie Redhead." I got to prepare better and using a bin to catch the excess like she does will help a lot. Do not worry about wasting paint. Those excess pigments will make lovely neutrals that can be used in future paintings.

Leave me your comment and let me know if you've done a poured watercolor painting before or if you'd like to try one.

Note: Now that I look at the paintings, the top one seems to have more saturated colors, ughhh! The colors in both have the same saturation in real life, it's just always hard to capture them in photos.

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