White tulips on a blue vase - acrylics

This painting is from a paint-a-long in the acrylic forum of the art website wetcanvas.com. I experimented with a simpler looser style. This is very different from my usual style, but it was fun to paint nonetheless. 

It was also my first painting on black-primed canvas. I followed one of the wetcanvas member's idea of letting some of the black still visible. I started with a cream-colored background (with some black showing through) for contrast with the blues but then the flowers didn't really pop and also it looked weird. So I ended up using a grey blue (cobalt blue hue + white + burnt umber) instead to make it similar to the original picture. I did scrape some of the blue back in places to show some of the cream underneath. 

The left part seemed empty in the reference so I added an extra tulip. The pot turned out so well on the first try (which is so rare for me) that I let it be and decided not to add any details to it. I used phthalo blue for the pot.

Oh, how fun to keep it loose!!! 

White tulips - acrylic on canvas (16x20 inches)

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